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Casper Martens has allowed himself to try many exciting things in his career - mainly within the food industry - which provides a good foundation for understanding most technical and commercial aspects of industrial projects.


Casper Martens' experience from leading positions in large international companies such as Tetra Pak and Johnson Controls, comes into play when it comes to understanding the importance of working structured and systematic.


Casper Martens is managing internal improvement projects as well as delivery and implementation of new production equipment.

Casper Martens is also facilitating network meetings, workshops and speaches within business development for small and medium size companies in Denmark. Visit for more information.

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Specific Knowledge Rating (1-10)

10   Ice Cream Production Lines

9     Product handling and packaging

8     Dairy and liquid processing

8     Food Industry generally

7     Industrial production generally

6     Medico industry and machinery


  • COO and co-owner

  • Head of Business Unit

  • Head of Project Execution

  • Lean Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Site Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Area Sales Manager

  • Industry Sales Consultant

  • Service Engineer

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Lean Manager

Lean in Service & Administration


Business Economy


Work Psychology


Marine Engineer


For details check out Caspers LinkedIn profile here


We have used Casper as Site Manager at a number of our most complex projects during the last years.


Casper’s commitment to the task, combined with his Lean Installation and Commissioning principles, has ensured full success of the projects he has been driving for us, and represent absolutely best practice when it comes to site and project control.


Casper is rightfully highly respected by as well customers as internal project team members.


Ralf Vibjerg Jakobsen

Installation & Commissioning Manager at Tetra Pak Hoyer




Casper is a highly reliable person working very professional. Casper is very systematically and is able to handle a complex situation respected by all parties. His positive attitude and level of energy give him a high power of penetration.


Ulrik V Pedersen

Quality Assurance Manager at Tetra Pak Hoyer




Casper Martens was responsible for the development of effective business procedures in my department. Casper created a great overview of all the interactions in our international sales and engineering department and he developed new routines with strong focus on a lean work flow in the administrative processes.


Casper Martens as a person is never afraid of jumping into unexploited areas and he is very strong in building new relations.


Peter Duch-Svenson

Director Sales & Engineering at Johnson Controls (now Managing Director at Linak Denmark)




Casper shows an excellent drive and works with challenges/projects from different perspectives, i.e. discussing other and alternative ways of solving e.g. a problem. We have had good discussions, always looking for a win-win situation.


Casper is also a caring college, I never forget the helping hand he gave me during a quite intense snow storm and enabled me to arrive home safely.


Per Schou-Nielsen

Manager, Product & Technology Knowledge, Development Initiatives, Europe and Africa, at Johnson Controls




For one of our factory expansions the main equipment supplier was from Europe. As there is a big difference between Japanese and Western culture it is an important task to handle this difference well to have a successful project. Casper Martens (the Danish Site Manager) established from day one a concept that made communication easy and that systematically handled project issues and improvement suggestions. Casper Martens' approach and understanding of Japanese culture was a major reason for a successful project delivered on time."


Hiro Nakanuma

Project Manager at Morinaga Milk in Japan

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